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About Natur & Kultur

We are a foundation-based enterprise dedicated to broadening societal engagement and a vibrant democracy. Our core activity is the publication of quality literature and digital products for education. We compete on the market, like other companies, but we are guided by the ideas in our foundation charter.

The Natur & Kultur Foundation is the publishing company informed by our educational mission. Since 1922, good publishing practices and clear ideals have worked together to create one of Sweden’s leading publishers.

Natur & Kultur is a foundation-anchored business. We have no equity ownership requiring maximal returns, and we never have to compromise our principles, even in the face of a fickle market. Instead, we are piloted by the ideas of our founding document, and our earnings are reinvested in the enterprise. The only dividend we distribute is what benefits society. This does not mean that we are a profligate company. On the contrary, our mission requires resources. We place great demands on ourselves and our suppliers, and our operations are financially stable.

This makes us an independent force, free to set our sights on the long term, free from external interference. Our authors, our core values, and our foundation structure are our true assets.

Natur & Kultur’s core business is its publishing of educational media, academic literature, and general literature. In addition to this, we are part-owners of a number of companies, all of them in the book business. Earnings from the company fund a series of awards, grants, and collaborations. We strive to fulfil our ultimate mission – to promote tolerance, humanism, and democracy through support, inspiration, education, and lifelong learning.

Natur & Kultur Läromedel och Akademi offers teaching materials for preschool, school and adult education, as well as literature for higher education and professional development in pedagogy, psychology, leadership and care. Natur & Kultur is a member of Läromedelsföretagen and Swedish Edtech Industry.

Natur & Kultur Allmänlitteratur (General Literature) publishes quality books for a broad audience. Our publications consist of books for children and adolescents, nonfiction, fiction, and illustrated practical books, such as cookery books.